Precious Moments Bible NKJV

7545 stars

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Title Precious Moments Bible NKJV
Rating 7545 stars
Author Anonymous
Pages 1104
Isbn 0785200479
Review I like the NKJV Bible because of familiarity as my pastor in Texas, who was a great Bible teacher, used it from the pulpit. Like every other English translation, there are passages where I wonder what the translators were thinking when they translated it the way the did. But overall, it is a fairly trustworthy translation of the scriptures.

I do believe that the Nelson NKJV Study Bible, along with the Ryrie Study Bible, are the best Study Bibles you can buy today. Unfortunately, I don't believe the Ryrie Study Bible is available in the NKJV anymore.


The NKJV has been my Bible of choice for the past five years, and when I made that decision I chose the Nelson Study Bible as my personal text. For the most part, the extra material is conservative enough without being fundamentalistic. It has too many helpful features to ennumerate in a brief review, but one that I really like and use a lot is the extensive set of study notes at the bottom of each page. The layout is user-friendly, and the relatively large text for the Scriptures is a welcome sight for my tired old eyes. I've read this study Bible at least eight times, and it remains fresh and interesting.

It hasn't always been easy adjusting from the King James to the New King James. Several passages are stilted in the reading, almost as if the translators decided to abandon the poetic beauty of the King James altogether in favor of a fully copyrightable edition. I hate to see intellectual property interests weigh in that heavily in a Bible, but it's all the rage over the past three decades. Nevertheless, the NKJV is a fine translation for those whose inclinations lead toward the Textus Receptus, as mine do.

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