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Ken Baumann

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Title Solip
Rating 4772 stars
Author Ken Baumann
Pages 200
Isbn 0985023570
Review Where a voice chooses not to speak is where the events/non-events of this cataclysmic little novel take place. The suffering and the satisfaction and the steam coming from the hate, the hurt, the harm in these words is quite frankly unlike nothing I've encountered.

Something is alive, resting in wait as you turn page after page.
Careful, I give you a clear warning:

Ken Baumann channeled a presence and it waits, rearranging line after line, for you to listen. Easy to overlook and say that you won't listen, won't be reading, but give this book a few lines and you'll recognize that you haven't a choice at all. Never did.

You were destined to read this just like you are destined to die.

[review forthcoming]


As some people have mentioned in reviews, Solip is a difficult book. Part prose, part poetry, part stream of consciousness, this is a work that will probably take a couple reads to fully understand. There's a narrator, there's darkness, there's a lot of pain and grotesqueries, there are brief reprieves of of enlightenment (which are thoroughly rewarding).

Even if the narration's difficult to decipher, the beauty of Solip comes from Baumann's language. Linguistic acrobatic, this guy. I often found myself reading a couple passages from the book before my own writing to make my brain a little more maleable and my prose more liquid.

Read something challenging. Read this.

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